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(Newb Modder) Character Creation Help?

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    Hello everyone! I'm new to modding as suggested by the title and need some help here..

First let's start by saying I have already checked numerous guides, videos, etc... So I thought

this is the appropriate place to give you brilliant people a chance to review my problem and help me.


    I've went through many problems and as sad is it to say I've been working on this for about a week or so... I looked through many files to try to figure it out my self but nothing works for me yet. My problem currently is that when I select my character (Not Complete Obviously) to enable the mod that works, but once I go into the character select screen and as soon as I click my character I get some long error about the selectscreen and onClick or something along those lines. Feel free to help me out / edit the files yourselves but please tell me my errors :-). I will provide you with and additional information, but I think this is all you may need? I'm uploading my whole File Along with my Log. Oh yeah and the word I replaced wobd or what ever it was with "ied." Also yes I did not use the Zipped John The Guitarist I just put it as that so I could upload it.



John The Guitarist.zip



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