[Gameplay] - Camera canister doesn't allow to predict enemy movemen

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Camera canister doesn't allow to predict enemy movemen

Issue Description: I'm not sure is it really bug or was it intended, but in contrast to security cameras, portable cameras do not allow to spend action points for prediction of enemy movements.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.Throw a camera canister in some extremely guarded and not otherwise visible place.

2.See the guards

3.Have no regular ability to find out what they will do.

P.S."Prediction" sound ummm...Better I'd say "to spend a moment to receive from the Incognita AI ​​remotely calculated analysis of object's most probable action, based on the summary of transcript of shortly intercepted data from killcam interface, present visual picture of non-verbal signals, body temperature and heart-beat frequency changes, sweating and other available factors"

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