[Exploit] - Drones Jam with Holograms

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Drones Jam with Holograms
Issue Description: If sankaku guards detect hologram's sound and create "interest point" and there one-two Obake nearby, they could occupy tile with hologram and for long prevent it from being looted/deactivated by guard.

In my situation, two holograms were next to each other parallel to the wall and keep company of two different Obake and Elite revolves close to the hologram three alarm levels, until on the way to elevator my team didn't stop it for picking holograms back. Closer to end, Elite finally got a moment to deactivate one of them, but second was completely invulnerable (it could looks ok to fool drones like this, but with guards nearby thats looks stupid)
Steps to Reproduce: 1.At Sankaku mission throw hologram or two near to combat-drones and guard that could detect hologram's sound
2.Drones could prevent "interest point" from deactivation for many turns

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