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I like the idea of the ability to make candles. But maybe there could be a way to get beeswax from bees later in the game, and earwax would no longer be needed for candles. Isn't beeswax from bees?

I could only imagine how long it would take to craft earwax candles... and yes, beeswax does come from bees. Ironically, the game already gives you honeycombs, which are made from beeswax. However as you need the honeycomb to craft a beebox the cost of sacrificing it for a candle would be too exorbitant. Rather the beeswax could be something else to keep the two resources separate.And yes, I support the inclusion of candles in the game. We should be allowed to refine silk into string, and collect beeswax from hives or bee boxes... then combine the two to craft a candle.

I think you mean a fairy, not a witch (fairly odd parents)

Yes, but I think a witch would be more in tune with the game's theme over a fairy godparent. ;)
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