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[Character Mod Idea] Whittle - The Restless


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Another character mod idea. Constructive criticisms and suggestions welcome as always!


Whittle - The Restless Skeleton


"I just need to stretch my legs for a bit."

Health: 100
Hunger: 75
Sanity: 120

* Can't eat food; feeds off the souls of the living (Killing creatures and monsters gives hunger; amount dependent on size of creature; hunger decreases slowly)
* Has friends in the afterlife (Can summon ghosts to aid in battle)
* Can dig graves (Makes his own graves)

- Intro sequence of Whittle in a grave, lightning strikes the grave, destroying the grave and Whittle crawls out, followed by him saying, "Yawn. I can't sleep."
- Increased sanity regen in the dark (Just enough to negate sanity drain)
- Double sanity drain when digging up graves not built by Whittle
- Is a skeleton

Unique Items: Grave, Tomb

Grave - Cut Stone x2, Shovel x1, Nightmare Fuel x4

"It doesn't look very cozy."

* Resurrects Whittle (When resurrected, lightning destroys the grave dropping 1 Nightmare Fuel)
* An item (or stack) of any choice may be placed inside grave to retrieve upon resurrection (may dig up grave to retrieve and/or replace item)
* Increases max health by 10, but decreases max sanity by 20 and max hunger by 10 when built
* Requires an Alchemy Engine to build a prototype

Tomb - Cut Stone x6, Marble x4, Nightmare Fuel x4

"Cold and dark. Now that's cozy!"

* Resurrects Whittle (When resurrected, lightning destroys the tomb, dropping 2 Marble, 1 Rock, and 2 Nightmare Fuel)
* 3 items (or stacks) of any choice may be placed inside tomb to retrieve upon resurrection (may also retrieve and/or replace items at any time)
* Increases max health by 30, but decreases max sanity by 40 and max hunger by 25 when built
* Requires a Prestihatitator to build a prototype

Starting Items: Book of the Dead, Nightmare fuel x4

Book of the Dead - Cannot be crafted

"Hello? Operator?"


Durability: Infinite

* Summons a ghost to fight for you
* Requires 2 nightmare fuel
* Drains 40 sanity and 25 hunger when used
* Summons an additional ghost for an additional 20 sanity if near a grave with a tombstone


- Ghosts fight for you until killed

- Summoned friendly ghosts cannot hurt you

- If intentionally attacked by holding the Ctrl button, ghosts will simply disappear as a means of dismissal

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There are already 2 Skeleton characters on the Workshop.


From what i understood they're pretty much what you're looking for.


I only saw 1 (Unless you count Grim from Billy and Mandy, Sir Daniel Fortesque, or Dem), and there were quite a few elements to it that I didn't like. Pretty much most of it except for the Insomniac which I completely forgot to add to mine.


Basically I got my idea of a skeleton character from the Dry Bones in the Mario universe. They're pretty much impossible to kill (hence why the easier, yet costly, methods of resurrection). A lot of the other skeleton mod makes sense as far as logic goes, but who plays this game for logic? Trees grow and die in like 5 days. What matters is balance and having fun.


Lastly it is just an idea. Take it as you will. I appreciate the heads up though!

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