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  1. I was surprised to see a lot of people died mostly of darkness. My first death was first wave hounds. Before I understood how kiting worked in Don't Starve.
  2. "FfffffFFFF SPIDERS" - Me every second I play Default Plus custom world
  3. I usually hear the laugh when I go wandering at night with my miner's cap on. The ambiance volume kicks up quite a lot when closer to the darkness. I would definitely say it's Maxwell. It sounds like an older male enjoying himself too much. The laugh I hear is just a quick "a-ha-ha". Almost like a quick cackle. Sometimes I hear a little more "ha"s but usually it's pretty quick. Kinda freaks me out cuz I just expect a raving murderous maniac to jump out of the shadows and rip my face off or something to that effect. But then I think, "Wait that's too normal an enemy for this game."