[Gameplay] - Dragged a KOed agent who was KOed while dragging a KOed guard

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Dragged a KOed agent who was KOed while dragging a KOed guard

Issue Description: An agent who previously was dragging a KOed guard from a taser over another KOed guard who was stunned by a stun laser, gets KOed by said stun laser.

I had stacked bodies on two tiles of the stun laser field, my agent (Banks) had run out of AP dragging the body over another body, and rather than risk overwatching from the guards waking up the next turn, I decided to stun my own agent, expecting to have my other agent (Nika) drag them out to safety.

What resulted was it considered my KOed Banks as still holding onto the guard. This made it awkward cause Nika wasn't able to put down Banks cause it thought Banks is over the guard she was carrying's body.

I was able to fix my problem by dragging Banks into a different stun trap. This resulted in Nika dropping Banks, and the next turn, Banks still holding onto the guard waking up from the KO.

As shown in the provided pick, it depicts that Nika sees that there's a KO with Banks and showing the option to shoot downed guard. Also the stun field trap with the piles of guards.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Requires a stun laser field

2.) May require a guard already stunned within the stun field

3.) Have an agent drag a stunned guard over a stunned guard in the stun field

4.) Stun agent holding onto guard.

5.) Have another agent drag the KOed agent who was previously dragging a guard onto another KOed guard before being KOed.

The result should be an agent unable to put down an agent they're dragging cause the game thinks the KOed agent is still carrying a body of a guard.

Have fun saying this outloud fast.

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