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Fine Details in Character Modding

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So I've recently started the long processes of modding a character of mine to use for Don't Starve, only problem is I'm completely new to this. While I have found some awesome tutorials on how to mod character and add custom voices and so forth there are some things I might need some clarification on because I haven't seen tutorials on before


One is how to change and mess with beards that go on a character?

My character is a guy and I would like to keep the awesome Wilson beard just tweaked ever so slightly (mostly change the color to red to match his hair)

Two is certain object changes in the game 

What I mean by this is, can I change how certain objects in the game affect my character? For example I want certain edible things like: seeds, berries, carrots, and mushrooms not fill my character up as much so there's the added challenge of needing to eat more. Or having the night not effect his sanity, he can still lose it from rain or not collecting flowers at all 


Of course, knowing me and being a newbie at all of this I might need additional help on the basics, I have part of the part done as of now but as far changing text or scrips and codes, none of that has been done. I'm pretty sure I have everything downloaded that I need for it. I learn best with pictures ( I know a lot of work I'm asking for but it truly does help) 

Any advice would be super helpful!

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