[Gameplay] - Odd Support Guard behavior

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Odd Support Guard behavior
Issue Description: Sins met some of them I encountered some weird behavior.

a) I got noticed (not spotted) by a Support Guard and hid away. Without checking He immediately threw a grenade and knocked me out. Then He walked over to my body and decided that I was not a threat and went back to his post as if nothing has happened. After 2 turns I woke up, stole his stuff and went on with the mission. If this is it, Support guard aren't really a threat, just an inconvenience. Also, why throw a grenade at something suspisious?

b) Upon running away in another room then the Support Guard was in, He noticed the sound. Again, He immediately threw a grenade at the noticed spot even though there was a wall between the guard and the spot. Sins I was long gone I can't say if He was able to throw the grenade through the wall or if He knocked himself out with his own grenade.


Small example of Support Guard throwing a grenade at something suspicious on his second turn. A similar situation happened where He tried to throw the grenade from the other room to ?-mark. Also, very exploitable to nerf him this way.

Video 10-11-2014 21-27-56_2.zip


PS: It was not my intention to upload this way, but, couldn't get the link to work.

Steps to Reproduce: See Issue Description.

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