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Help with Character Modding


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I'm not sure if I'm blind but it seems difficult to find some sort of forum to find specific help on how to create a mod (character). I got started on one not long ago but it ended up crashing the game because I assume I was fallowing a dated tutorial. The mod info forum didn't seem to help much either. I cant seem to find someone or something to help me create said character.

If someone could give me some pointers or an up to date tutorial on making my character, I'd gladly appreciate it.


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There should be a sticky with the proper way to ask for help

For instance, make sure your question is completely reada8le and understanda8le, even to the most idiotic of audiences.
Secondly, make sure you upload the mod you are asking for help on. There are a myriad number of ways this could go wrong. Like, more than 8. And that's quite a lot.
Thirdly, a log file of the crash will do well in finding what the problem is and solving it quicker.

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