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[Suggestion] Pile of leaves

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serpent    34

I was thinking, In every winter the birch trees would just show an animation where it would drop all of its autumn leaves. In autumn you actually can see leaves falling.


But for the ground the leaves just seem to disappear.


Might it be a good idea that in autumn, there would spawn random piles of leaves? 


You can pick the leaves up which would give you leaves or something. 


The leaves you can use for fuel, or maybe with another buildable make it into compost, which gives you fertilizer or something to make plants grow and prevent smoldering.


To balance this out, the leaves could be extra vulnerable to smoldering in summer if they are not picked up.


Maybe the leaves could also have a chance to spawn a random item, though it would have to be different than tumbleweeds, is this would make them a bit obselate (is that spelled right? lol) I have not given this much thought as of yet.


So what do you guys think? I think it would really add to the 'seasonal' part of RoG.

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Prince143    65

I agree with your suggestion . I think it would be more fun if they make a realistic mod like that :D





   I think you posted this in the wrong section . This topic should be posted in the SUGGESTION AND FEEDBACK SECTION.



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