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Hotfix 115992 - 11/06/2014

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  • The minimap is now treated as a proper front end screen.
  • Add support to the scoreboard screen for servers > 4 players.
  • Increase max number of players to on a server to 6.
  • Move the setting for max number of players for server-creation to the tuning.lua file. Variable is called MAX_SERVER_SIZE.
  • Make food with negative health values only give-able (not feed-able) when PvP is off.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in Willow’s talking animation
  • Fixed clients sometimes desyncing when running against the edge of the world
  • Fix crash when mods are enabled and no mods exist in the mods directory.
  • Fix server details and mods list not being refreshed after user has clicked on report server or view mods.
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