[General] - Forest fires make unburned trees 1-hit harvests


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Forest fires make unburned trees 1-hit harvests

Issue Description: SOMETIMES after a forest fire has been lit, some nearby trees that were off-screen at the time and didn't catch fire when they were supposed to will still be flagged as being harvestable with only one usage of an axe, and still drop the expected 1-3 logs and 1-2 pinecones. Axe durability is still only reduced by 1, despite instant felling of nearby trees. Both the host and other players see these trees as being unburned, but all players can still fell them in one hit.

NB: This was an issue before closed beta update 1 ("...In with the new") and may but most likely has not been rectified.

Steps to Reproduce: Problem is unpredictable and a current surefire reproduction method has yet to be discovered, but igniting forests and chopping at nearby unburned trees may result in finding these most confused plant-pillars.

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Its an exploit that is probably being cause by as you said the the fire reaching the edge of the players' area of effect (couldn't think of a the right word but basically all the environment affected by the player being in the area).  Its a known exploit that players are using where they burn a tree and immediately chop it.  It produces the same effect.  Basically these trees should have burned but didn't because a player was too far from the tree during the forest fire. 


Steps to Reproduce: 1. Burn tree

2. Immediately chop it. (Will fall in one chop and produce the appropriate amount of logs.

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