Impressions after play through with most recent patch (Update 5: RED EYE)

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I just finished a play-through with the most recent version and wanted to share some impressions (I also filed a couple of potential bug reports).



- The game is soooo much easier now. I finished story mode once several builds ago and wasn't able to do it afterwards (on normal). This time it was very easy. I know that the developers want to change that again with the next update but the smaller levels with fewer guards at the end (and for the final mission) seemed too easy. 

- Where are the drones?? Was it just "luck" or did something change. I didn't encounter a single drone except camera drones.

- Wasn't there a Sarkuso company with a lot of drones (the name is probably completely off). I kind of liked that but didn't see any missions.

- "Security dispatch": Is it now more likely that I find non-weapon items? Just an impression from doing that mission multiple times.

- Anarchy 5 seems to be overpowered. It's just insane how many items I find with it. Often even two with a single guard. 


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