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  1. Settings in menu are at 100 for music and sound. iPad volume is at maximum and other apps do play sound. Still I am not getting anything from invisible inc. iPad Pro 10 inch, iOS 10.0.2
  2. Love it on my iPad! But I have a problem. There is no sound and music. Anyone with the same problem?
  3. This is AWESOME. One of the best games that made it to iPad ever. BUT, is Contingency Plan part of this? Are there plans to add it? I have played many many hours and would return but it would be disappointing for return to the original without contingency plan. So please let your long-time players know about your plans! If it's not part of this release, I would be happy to pay for it as an in-app purchase.
  4. I find it amazing that Klei releases Don't Starve Together for free to everyone who owns Don't Starve. They have a whole team working on it for month and they won't charge anything! AMAZING!
  5. Can someone specify this warning about save files: "This uses the same save slots as the normal game but the saves aren't compatible. Make sure you create a new save file for your RoG test as the save files won't transfer back to the normal game." I have a saved server on day 200 and would like to keep it. I am fine with never going back to normal don't starve (if there is a problem, I would just wait until it gets fixed). But I would like to continue using the old save file without RoG content. Is that possible? Thanks!