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Mods not working

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So after about half a year I returned to Don't Starve + RoG and tried some mods. I installed it according to the pinned post in the mod section. When opening the mod-screen ingame, every mod is marked as "Crashed on last start, automatically disabled". Enabling by clicking on a mod works seems to work ("Mod is installed"). But it doesn't. When I return to  he mod-screen all mods are "to be disabled". Starting a game works perfect except it is vanilla.

I tried reinstalling the game and adding mods one by one. Nothing worked and all mods are affected. All but Screecher, it doesn't show any problems.


In case it is important I bought Don't Starve and the DLC from GOG.



Thanks for your help in advance.

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Stupid questions...

Did you unzip the files you downloaded then put them in the "mods" folder in the game directory?

What did you use to unzip the files?

I use Winrar and when I unzip to my desktop, it has a tendency to put the unzipped folder in a DIFFERENT folder of the same name. So I need to change the name of one, yank the folder to my desktop THEN delete the first folder, leaving the unzipped folder with the goods. Once I put that folder in the mods section, I'm good to go.

Also, when I first started downloading mods, I had the same problem as you. The mod would show up in the game mod section but wouldn't work.

Hope this makes sense, let me know what happens.

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I use Winrar too, so that is not the problem.


The path should be fine. It's: C:\GOG Games\Don't Starve\mods\[mod name] and inside the last folder is the respective mod with 2 lua (modinfo, modmain), a tex and a xml file. Along with some folders for the mod.

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I thought it was up to date but to be sure I searched for my build. Without any idea where to look I saw in the console that the API-versions don't match. The game was using 5, the mods 6. After running the updater (which I did before) everything worked without a problem.


Thanks for your help.

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