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Hotfix 114581- 10/23/2014

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  • Moved report server button to the left hand side of the server listing screen
  • View Steam profiles from the player status screen
  • Filter out old incompatible servers from the server listings page
    Note: You may see an empty server listing right after the patch goes live, this means no one is currently running a compatible server. We will address this in a future patch.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix crash sometimes when two people haunt the same object
  • Fix crash sometimes when haunting a workable object
  • Fix crash on player status screen
  • Make report button use actual server name in prompt
  • Fix crash when two people use drying rack at the same time
  • Fix crash when igniting explosives such as gunpowder
  • Disable player controller when minimap is up
  • You can now properly rotate minimap
  • Fixed WX sparks sometimes showing at the wrong position
  • Fix bug where clients would sometimes drop animations
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