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[Character Mod] Rick Grimes, The Sheriff

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Hello, there I'd like to formally announce the current character mod I am working on. This character is Rick Grimes and he is the first of my planned Walking Dead and other mods that I hope to work on if I have the time. WARNING: This Rick is a hybrid TV/Comic version.


The link below is the quick drawing I made in gimp of his forward normal stance. (Yes, I know my art isn't the best. I have a friend who will improve on it and probably do most of the art.)



Name: Rick Grimes

Title: The Sheriff

Quote: "We are the Walking Dead!"

Description: * Has a missing arm, but has his trusty revolver. 

                    * Enhanced survival and combat skills.

                    * Insane from seeing the worst in humanity.




Health: 150

Hunger: 100

Sanity: 100


[Advantages/disadvantages] (all comparisons are made to Wilson)


- Starts with his Colt Python revolver fully loaded, and can construct more ammo using gunpowder and flint.

- Due to his missing arm his gather/work speed is reduced.

- Has 125% increased move speed without a chest piece and 115% with one.

- His unarmed damage is halved due to the missing arm, but he has a base of 125% armed combat damage bonus.

- Rick has seen the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, therefore, he has low starting sanity. However, he is harder to effect with negative sanity effects, such as digging up graves, roaming in the dark, and eating monster meat. (Mushrooms completely unchanged)

- Rick has high doubt and is unsure if things can ever go back to before the apocalypse. All things that effect sanity positively are reduced. (Picking flowers and wearing a garland will actually make Rick more insane)

- Rick's lost sanity percent boosts his combat effectiveness. Rick starts at 125% and can go up to 225%.

- Rick's main priority is survival and he will eat anything if it will help him survive. Stale food has the same hunger benefits as regular food, spoiled food now has the hunger benefits of vanilla stale food, all raw meats return the same hunger as their cooked counter parts and reduce sanity less, and monster meat now gives the same hunger as their regular counterparts and consuming them reduces sanity less. (Health returns unchanged.)

- Rick has also become used to going without food. His hunger as well as his hunger rate is lower.

- Rick can grow a full beard and his hair grows as well. The more hair the slower Rick will freeze and the faster he will overheat. If Rick gets to his final stage of hair grow the "Full Hermit" he will very slowly lose sanity. Rick's beard when shaved returns beard hair.


Rick is best played as a hunter and bandit of sorts. His fast movement and good damage will allow him to kite and kill enemies without too much hassle. Rick's revolver is a very powerful weapon but is very expensive to use. It should be only used especially early game in emergencies. Rick's missing hand is a burden you should use the time that his low hunger rate and sanity loss rate to get resources that you need. Rick's sanity can be a two edged sword at lower percentages it will boost your damage greatly, but with its low value it can be dangerous to let it get too low. 


Features already implemented. 

- Food changes, sanity changes, beard code, hunger changes, stats, speed changes, custom maxwell intro, custom speech partially finished.



- Most of the art and animations, revolver, what's left of his speech, custom sound(harmonica or other southern instrument sound), work speed changes


Game currently launches with what I have. 


As this is my first mod, I am unsure about how the game devs feel about adult content in mods. I have based Rick's Speech similarly to the comic version. In case you haven't read or seen any of the comic. Let's just say their vocabulary is very colorful. If content like this is not allowed I will gladly TV friendly the speech. 


If anyone has any questions, comments, or ideas feel free to post. However, if you criticize please make it constructive. I am not afraid of it. I know my art sucks unfortunately I was not born with a surgeon's hand. I have a second forum up currently asking for help about a feature that you can also go look at and respond to. I will attach the mod when more of it is complete.  



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Rick is such a great character and I'm eagerly awaiting to see this mod to completion! Artwork is fine as is, but since you've stated above it'll be improved upon, I have nothing more to say or add. But simply thumbs up to you for such a well thought out Don't Starve version of Rick Grimes. I'll be following this progress! 


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