[Gameplay] - Inventory - Equipping Rescued Agents During Mission Prevents Re-Equip

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Inventory - Equipping Rescued Agents During Mission Prevents Re-Equip

Issue Description: EXPECTED RESULT

Agent should receive expected starting inventory items at the end of a mission in which they were rescued, even if they buy or are given items during the course of that mission's execution. If no space is available in the agent's inventory, it should be moved to the Storage Inventory in the Agent Upgrade menu.


Shalem 11 was *robbed* of his just desserts by an inventory bug.

Steps to Reproduce: OBSERVATION

During a recent play-through, I rescued Shalem 11 from a Detention Center mission. As I was heading toward the elevator, I ran Shalem 11 past an unlocked Nanofab Console, and purchased a Medi-Gel and Ammo.

When the mission ended, Shalem 11 did not receive a "Re-Equipped" notification in the Mission Results menu, and did not get a Neural Disrupter or his trademark firearm.

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