Changing Save Directory?

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I was wondering if there was a way to change the save directory. It seems pointless to ask seeing that it shouldn't be an issue but for me it kind of is. I have this software called DeepFreeze which in short keeps my pc from getting cluttered by not saving any changes done to the drive that is set to be "frozen" during shut down. 

The thing is, my C drive is frozen and that is where the Documents folder is, as you know, where the game's saves are going. I can unfreeze it so it can save then freeze it back up, but for it to be "thawed" or "frozen" I need to restart my computer each time, once to thaw and again to freeze, and it gets kind of tedious.

If not, I can just copy the "DoNotStarve" folder into my D drive, that isn't frozen, and place it back in C when I play.

But it would be really neat if I can change its save directory to somewhere in my D drive so I can avoid all of this, but if not, I understand.


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No, I have the Steam version. I'm not sure if it will help but maybe I should try installing the Steam Client in the drive that isn't frozen? Most likely it wouldn't work because it seems set on "[…]/Documents/[…]." I use to rely on the Steam Cloud in the beginning when it worked but now there is that issue with its syncing. :c

I doubt it will be implemented but a nice little "advanced option" to change directories would be nice.

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