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  1. Busy with school projects all year. October will always be Don't Starve Month though~ <3

  2. Guys, guys, should I list all of his responses when examining/attacking? Do all the characters say everything differently or only certain things? I wish there was somewhere they listed all of the current responses. Or there is and I don't know where.
  3. Well, Woody is a name of an official concept character by Klei, I think he's suppose to be a lumberjack. I get your reference though, Good luck with your characters, too!
  4. Oh, I can only dream~ That would probably be the best thing that can ever happen to me in my whole entire life. If they do, they don't even need to credit me, just seeing something of mine "come to life" is good enough.
  5. Actually, look closer at Chester. I can see little horns. ;B
  6. It's tomorrow guys, or in about 10 hours. You have to think of the time zones too. They are not going by England time or what have you.
  7. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! xD Looks EXACTLY like that! Chester it is called! ;3
  8. Keywords, "Test/Beta," my friend. They are still working on it, but I hope now you can play in a less predictable map.
  9. You can just use the WSDA keys to get close to the object and press spacebar to dig up items and pick up the drops. You don't have to see the Turf UI. I don't find it distracting. It's just me though.
  10. It seems to me that you haven't tried the Test/Beta Map generator. It has minor bugs, but worth playing in. Enjoy~
  11. I'm sorry. Just, no. It really doesn't fit, even if it was a scroll, magic clothes or what have you. Even if it is a one time use, built with a load of resources. Nope.UNLESS, it is an item like a shrine/spire that spawns during map creation to teleport to a secluded plot of land that is not connected via land bridge. THAT would be interesting. And you can use it only once per day.
  12. I was trying to keep it "classical/orchestral" or whatever the term is, like he mentioned. I was thinking where would you mostly find these instruments playing together with what genre, that's why I said violin. But harmonica would be better. I love the sound they make! I have one actually.
  13. I haven't played as any of the other characters and I'm afraid that if I start a new game I'll lose my previous progress. What I am getting at really is that, the character's 'voices', are they all the same instrument, but different pitches? Different instruments? AND MOST IMPORTANLY: How would Wilbur (a.k.a. Wyatt/Wade (identity crisis)) sound? If it was by instrument, I'd say fiddle (a violin played in country/folk music), but the mid. notes, strings D & A.
  14. YES! YES! YES! I would die on purpose to see it! xD Almost like a cinematic final death scene, once you ran out of effigys/amulets.
  15. Yeah, It was really down to Wilbur, Wyatt, and Wade. Just leave it as Wilbur for now, but if you want you can call him either of the other two you can. Comphablet. :B It's some weird out of country electronic thing. It's bugs out a lot.