[Gameplay] - Can't cancel//do multiple actions


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Can't cancel//do multiple actions

Issue Description: Not sure if due to lag/latency, or a client-side problem.

A) If I start an action that takes time, picking grass for example, then try to cancel and do something else, I will still get the grass. This may just be lag, as it sometimes cancels if I try fast enough.

B) As a host, I can start taking food off a crockpot, then click on something in my inventory (a meat to put back in the pot, for example) before I'm done getting the food. If I do this as a client, I will cancel my previous action. This is true for most actions - gathering a plant from a farm plot while clicking on a seed in my inventory cancels the gather. Again, client side only. Not sure if this is also lag, maybe the system hasn't registered that I'm doing my first action before I do the second? Or is my first action actually interrupted?

Steps to Reproduce: A1) Be a client.

A2) Gather grass or sapling or mine a rock or chop a tree. Action may go through even if attempting to cancel.

B1) Be a client.

B2) Gather food from a crockpot or plant from a farm plot.

B3) Click on something in your inventory before first action is done. First action will be cancelled.

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