New Blind boxes idea

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Ok i was thinking, what if they made the GIANTS as blind box figures that are at least 3 or more inches taller (With a price of 20 or 25 dollar range). Another idea was to have the enemys like the Clockworks and Animals like Tall Birds and Beefalo.

List of figures i would like to see.

• All 4 GIANTS

• Clockwork enemys

• Animals such as Beefalo, Tall Birds and Glommer and maybe hounds.

• I would like to see some of the main things we build like the Science Machine and Alchemy Engine and Chests and a Crock Pot that Opens and Closes (Same as the Chest)

Heck these things don't even need to be Blind Boxes and i would like to see a small price drop on the Blind box figures we have now. All those items are what i would like to see brought to 3D and expand with the figures i have now.

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