[Crash] - Looting Corporate Safe Event Causes Freeze/Crash

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash
Platform: Mac
Issue Title: Looting Corporate Safe Event Causes Freeze/Crash
Issue Description: Endless Game/Easy

On one particular level, looting 'corporate information' from one specific safe causes the game to freeze/crash. This same problem reproduces on a quit/save.

I reloaded from an older save that I had backed up, replayed the level, and looted the same corporate safe again, and the same thing happened.

Reloaded from the same backup. This time, I had the agent not pick up the corporate information. This triggered the 'Agent notices a large pile of credits but there is a suspicious blinking/noise' event.

I was able to continue the game afterwards as long as I did not try to loot the 'corporate information'.
Steps to Reproduce: Load Game #1, loot end safe with Dr Xu and pickup 'corporate information'.

savegame.lua safe bug.zip


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