[Gameplay] - Hold the left click to attack doesn't always work


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Hold the left click to attack doesn't always work

Issue Description: Sometimes, I can hold the left button of the mouse to attack continuously a monster, as usual. It works with spider but not each time. And it never works with wolves which is more difficult to beat them, even if we are several players (more PV lost).

Maybe it's a lag problem because there is a delay between the click and the action (for example 3 clicks for only one effective hit). I don't know if anyone had the same problem ?

Steps to Reproduce: Wait for a wolf attack. Then try to hold the left mouse button to hit.

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I think it's a lag problem, but lagging is definitely the most frustrating in combat. It plays a bit better without action prediction (I think the action prediction system still needs a fair bit of work).


If you want to disable action prediction:

To disable it temporarily, enter:




Note that this will get reset if you revive (ghosts don't use action prediction, so it turns it back on afterwards) or reconnect.




If you want to turn it off semi-permanently, you can edit


and change the line:


to false instead of true

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