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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash
Issue Title: Warning Message
Issue Description: So basically the issue was I got this message doing something and went to this warning message in the attached file and then the program stopped running when I tried to exit the game. None of that was a big issue, but when I went back into the game all my stuff disappeared even my skeleton.
Steps to Reproduce: Both of us playing Wilson. Both me and fellow Don't starvovian were playing and then we didn't realize it was about to be night. By the time we did he died from the darkness, and I was able to make a torch in time before dieing. I tried to go to revive him with I believe the blood transfusion thing it killed me because I barely had any health left. I told him to leave, and try to come back. When he did I was haunting stuff randomly then started haunting his stuff he had around his body.

Then it hit me with the warning message. After it completely stopped working I tried going back in. Everything was there except my skeleton and stuff, but his skeleton and stuff was still there. However I was still a ghost.post-470799-0-15913200-1413690795_thumb.

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Regarding losing your stuff and skeleton, it sounds like this scenario, although I've always had the skeleton show up.


From the stack trace it looks like it crashed when someone tried to examine something, since it's trying to get the description of something that was inspectable.


From looking at the code, it appears it crashed because the oohspace() function in stringutil.lua returned a boolean value instead of a string. My guess is that oohspace() somehow failed all of the conditions, which would cause it to return false. Here's the current function:


    local ooohspace = function()        local c = math.random()        local str =         (NumInRange(c, 0.4, 1) and " ") or         (NumInRange(c, 0.3, 0.4) and ", ") or        (NumInRange(c, 0.2, 0.3) and "? ") or         (NumInRange(c, 0.1, 0.2) and ". ") or         (NumInRange(c, 0, 0.1) and "! ")        if c <= 0.3 then            OOOH_STATE = "START"        else            OOOH_STATE = "MID"        end        return str    end

I would've assumed a math.random() hit at least one of those, but in the case that it doesn't, maybe it's a good idea to change the last NumInRange to this:

        (NumInRange(c, 0, 0.1) and "! ") or " "
Edit: Although I suppose if you're going to do that, you could also remove the first NumInRange line, since this one will absorb its case.
Edit: function, not "funciton"


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