[General] - Disruptor removed after buying from the Bazaar

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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Disruptor removed after buying from the Bazaar
Issue Description: I was playing a SERVER FARM mission, and after I bought an Incognita item from the Bazaar in the server room my disruptor was removed from the inventory of the character I bought the Incognita item with (Deckard.
Steps to Reproduce: Not sure if it can be reproduced as I can't "reload" the mission to try again, but I will attach the savefile so maybe you can check.

Load the third (3) mission. I used Deckard and Banks.

Important: I was playing a Server Farm mission.

What I did was this:

1.- Entered the server room with Deckard and stole something from the guard next to the server console. I noticed I could use the disruptor on the guard (but I did not, as he was stationary and he wasn't a problem). Guess the disruptor was still in the inventory.

2.- Used Incognita to hack the server console (Bazaar).

3.- Bought some Incognita program from the Bazaar. I'm not sure what I bought, but I think it was the daemon sniffer (or whatever the name of the program that tells you what the daemon installed on an item is).

4.- I noticed I was not getting the "use disruptor" and "steal" icons on the guard. That's when I noticed I had lost the disruptor.

PLEASE NOTE that its probably also a bug that you can't steal from behind when you have no weapon.

I continued playing a while before I saved the game (but did NOT end the mission before saving) so you will probably need to roll back the mission quite a bit.



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I continued playing the mission and found 2 things:


1.- Deckard's cloak was also missing, but I didn't notice when I sent the bug report earlier because I was pissed enough about the missing disruptor. :joyous:


2.- After you finish the mission using the elevator, you go the "agent upgrade" window. The items missing from Deckard (disruptor and cloak) are stored in the "homebase storage space" (next to the Monst3r buy/sell button).

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