[Client Crash] - Don't Starve has stopped working


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Don't Starve has stopped working

Issue Description: My friend is having a issue with Don't Starve Together, she gets an error message saying "dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped working" when se tries to launch the game.

I attached the log.txt

Steps to Reproduce: Launch the game.

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@Vunk, I think this probably didn't get any attention because the log.txt didn't actually get attached, and at that point I don't think the form eating attachments was well-known. Apparently devs can actually still get at them somewhere, but if she's still having the problem and you can get a new log and attach it in a post, that might help?


@Salex, Try deleting your mods folder. Updates generally break a few mods, sometimes causing them to crash on launch. Opening your mods menu afterwards should download new versions of the mods if the authors fixed the crash.

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