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Hotfix 114221- 10/17/2014

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  • Added a scoreboard screen.
    • Shows server name and server day.
    • Shows player’s characters, color, days survived and ping.
    • Host can kick players.
    • All players can mute other players’ chat messages (known bug: mute only mutes global chat, not chat displayed above heads).
  • Set TAB key bound to show Scoreboard (hold to display). Control is bindable.
  • Set M key bound to show Map display (toggle display). Control is bindable.
  • Add a widget to the top left corner of the front end that displays if you’re connected to Steam.
  • Display a “left game” message when someone leaves the server.
  • Disable the Refresh button on the server browser screen while a search is in progress.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix event announcer widget moving around the screen when the window gets resized.
  • Fix a server creation screen crash with server data having a nil day.
  • Fix a crash that would occur if you plugged a controller in after startup.
  • Fix players sometimes turning their back after picking up an object.
  • Fix crash from haunting Mactusk’s hounds.
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