[General] - Guard status 'Stationary' even when moving

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Guard status 'Stationary' even when moving

Issue Description: A guard can have a 'Stationary' status, even if he is moving. When you observe the guard, you see both the 'Stationary' status and the arrows indicating his path.

This happens when a stationary guard investigates something, finds nothing, and is walking back to his original position.

Steps to Reproduce: Find a guard who is Stationary.

Do something to get him to investigate (e.g. open and close a door in his view).

Once he has investigated and is returning to his original position, observe him.

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I think that this is not a bug, but intended.

The two statuses guards can have when you observe them are stationary and patroling. Imagine them as the orders they received from their cooperation. They will both investigate if they notice something and then return to their initial orders when they find nothing.


*Hint Hint*

You can exploit this because stationary guards keep facing in the same direction when they return to their field and don't turn around.


And I can confirm that the withe arrows indicating the path work correctly for me. It only shows them when he is investigating. They are not visible after he has returned to his initial position, since he won't go anywhere by himself. (PC)

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I'm pretty sure I've seen stationary guards with white arrows doubling back on themselves, even when the guards weren't investigating anything. I'll try to remember to get a savegame next time.

Guards that are supposed to be stationary will do that if another guard needs to get past them.

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