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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Sliding back

Issue Description: Sometimes while moving around my character (Wilson) will slide back to where they were a few seconds ago, then continue moving forwards where ever I direct them.

Steps to Reproduce: I was quickly and continuously clicking near the edge of the screen to have Wilson move forward. Periodically and randomly, he would slide back to where he had been a few seconds ago, maybe half a screen's worth, and continue to accept movement commands. It happened on the Savannah, Forest, and Meadow Biomes.

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@bribri0 This is called "rubberbanding". It occurs because the client predicts the effects of your movement, and when the prediction becomes out of line enough with what's actually happening on the server, the server say "hey, you're actually over here, get your act together".


If you'd rather have delay instead of rubberbanding, you can turn it off on the console with this command:




(don't replaced "ThePlayer" with anything, just write literally that)


Note that it will get re-enabled if you revive (since it's off by default as a ghost).

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