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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Create a account

Issue Description: i already made an account. i already played with a friend. i wanted to play again today and i came again in the create an account section but i coundt make an account because steam id is in use

Steps to Reproduce: it had a update and after that i was unable to play

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I start the game and i wait a little for the steam overlay to show up.
After that i click on play and the menu shows up with the title Create an account.
after that i retried, wait like 10 min en after that the menu shows up again

thats all i know

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  • Developer

Hello tyvy44,


Thank you for the info,  and I'm sorry for the extended disruption.  We have a patch that fixes some related networking issues which should go live tomorrow.


I'll post back here when that patch is live, so you can try again.


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