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Force Generation of Tentacle trap?

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Does anyone know of a way to force the generation of the tentacle reed trap? I just bought RoG and have spent the last ~20 minutes creating worlds and wandering to the swamps to see if it's there, after about five worlds I've given up and decided to come to the forums to ask.


after a little searching, I found

	if protected_override ~= "never" then		AddSingleSetPeice(level, "map/protected_resources")	end

in worldgen_main, which leads to:

local Swamp = {	["tenticle_reeds"] = StaticLayout.Get("map/static_layouts/tenticle_reeds"),}

Does anyone know how to force worldgen to pick "tenticle_reeds"? I'm a bit rusty with my lua.

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Nevermind, solved the problem myself, just hacked this function together

local function AddTenticleReeds(level, choicefile)	local choices = require(choicefile)	assert(choices.Sandbox)	local chosen = {target_area=GROUND.MARSH, choice ="tenticle_reeds"}	local areas = GetAreasForChoice(chosen.target_area, level)	if areas then		local num_peices = 1		level.set_pieces[chosen.choice] = {count = num_peices, tasks=areas}	endend

and called it using

AddTenticleReeds(level, "map/protected_resources")
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