[General] - Buying extra item slots not working properly

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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Buying extra item slots not working properly
Issue Description: Whenever I try to buy new extra slots in that menu that shows in between missions, the game accepts my money but does not give me the extra slots. I haven't tried it on another save (this is my first save since update 4), so I am not sure it happens everytime yet.

I have not tried buying it like it is now to see if the slots are going to be updated during the mission. But even if it is, that's still bad, because I would need the slots to begin with all the items I want.
Steps to Reproduce: What I did really was just to buy inventory slots after the mission ended. The same problem is happening for both my agents (Deckard and Internationale).



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  • Developer

It's possible you need to click the "ACCEPT" button to get the effects of the new inventory slots. 


We want to have a better system of being able to undo buying your agents skills when they are bought, but we haven't built in a system to handle undoing an inventory slot which is filled yet. I hope you can bear with this system until then.


Let us know if this is not the case, that even with the ACCEPT button, your inventory slots are not showing up.




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