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Hotfix 113717 - 10/14/2014

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  • Added booster shot item
Bug Fixes
  • Removed duplicate world gen customization options
  • Minimap is now correctly saved between play sessions
  • Morgue is now saved to their respective clients
  • Items with walk speed modifiers work on clients now
  • Clients can now equip/unequip while moving
  • Pressing escape properly closes chat input
  • Wormhole audio now functions correctly on clients and servers
  • Fixed crash when using the ‘backspace’ debug information
  • Death/Resurrection announcements now happen at the proper time
  • Saving happens at the proper time
  • Fixed lua assert when picking up haunted mushrooms
  • Removed unsupported adventure portals and cave entrances
  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting a heat stone
  • Fixed backpack sometimes staying open after it is unequipped
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