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I think I've found the cause of the saved-game-deletion problem...

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I kept losing my saved games of Don't Starve, which is intensely frustrating. But I think I've figured out what's causing it - or at least I can avoid or induce it at will. Maybe.

I have a desktop icon to activate DS, which I generally use to access the game rather than going through Steam. When I quit the game, Steam remains active - I can see it working in Task Manager. If I shut down the computer without shutting down Steam manually - or use Task Manager to terminate Steam, whether I'm running DS or not - the game will be lost.

If, however, I open up Steam and shut it down before I tell Windows to close up shop, the saved game remains. Or at least it's remained in the tests I've just run.

For some reason, the saved games in the Steam application aren't being made permanent when Windows instructs Steam to stop prior to complete shutdown. If I don't explicitly shut down Steam with the quit option, my DS games will be erased.

Can any of you reproduce this effect? And how can DS be altered to prevent this, if that's even possible?

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It could be due to Steam's cloud save feature which usually synchronises when steam's shut.

It's possible to turn it off for specific games; right click Don't Starve and hit properties, click the updates tab and uncheck the cloud save option.

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