[General] - Vault Key Save/Load Issue / Win 7 Aero Incognia Spacebar

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Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Vault Key Save/Load Issue / Win 7 Aero Incognia Spacebar

Issue Description: I'd managed to get a new vault key and generated a vault level. I'd opened the extra vault door and the key was used as it should be.

Seconds later in the background my windows 7 runs a program. I assume its 3rd party to the game, an anti-virus or something of the sort as it launched at the change of the day at 00:00

After a brief stall this caused it go lose the Aero interface at the time. This then caused the spacebar launch of incognita in game not to work, however the GUI button for it worked fine ^^

I saved the game, and reloaded when Aero came back on, but on load it generated an error saying because the vault key was missing (because it was used) it couldn't generate that level any more.

Steps to Reproduce: Sadly I didn't think to screenshot the message ¬_¬ but hopefully these 2 things should be easy enough to recreate.

1) Aero switch off - disable Aero while game is launched and see if spacebar responds (I also Alt+Teb'ed - maybe worth testing that too)

2) Vault Key failed generation - Have Valut key, load vault level, open extra vault door. Save game, then load up should cause error.

Enjoying the game a whole boat load, so keep up the good work and thanks for your time.

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