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  1. Cybernatics Lab – Agents randomly hoping for a upgrade and fainting after, quite liked this one, but adding the augments as items slots is a killer in a serious run if you can’t remove them. The gamble dice roll I like, but in item slots are a problem. Give Augments A Separate Slot – Suggestion, Create a new upgradable slot on the agents called ‘Constitution’ (can agent support such a vast bodily change). It can be upgraded like the ‘Stealth’, ‘Hack’, ‘Items’ features but is designed JUST for these mods, freeing the item build up problem. Parasite – Perfect, I feel this is as I hoped it would work out and is an ideal program to have as a starter now! Nailed it. (just update text on its new changes) -- Bugs -- Non resupplied Agent – Bug, As mentioned, a rescued agent in mission, doesn’t re-supply them. I partly like this too… does seem like a nice tweek for the extra challenge, but an option or on a harder mode maybe a nice option for this. Xu Hi-Jack Failure – Bug, Tried out new agent to see what the ability way, on a super nano-fab mission machine, but after attempting to hi-jack it (which worked in animation) it failed to give me access to the shop. Maybe other cases of this, worth a mention. Camera Drone Position – Bug, Parasited a drone, guard spotted agents, guard ran into drones position, drone didn’t come under control on turn when it should have and sat in guards chest cavity. Guard broke laws of mass, matter and space and broke little bit of my heart… ^_^ But all in all this is a REALLY stella update, so thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Items left in lift - Offer this as an idea, anything dropped in the lift to be included in the end of level gains (or introduced back into mission select inventory dropbox if agents can use item) Born from the fun new vault idea of the 101 artifacts to pick up and not having inv space, I'd hoped being able to drop them at a safe point, risk getting some more (GREEDY!) would make for a fun against the clock risk/reward mechanic. Rapier - The idea is good, act quickly. The problem is that lockpick trumps it in everyway. For 5 turns only it shines and then after you are better on lockpick because its equal to it for an alarm phase or costs more power the longer the level goes. The window of actual use is so small and the risk so much greater, I can't see why at all you'd pick this over lockpick -_- Maybe keep it at 1 power for 10 turns, instead of 5? Executive Mission - Enjoyed the feel and design of this one. Problem is that if no vault mission generates this becomes a moot exercise and item. Maybe have a safe unlocked by that key at the back of the office as a minor reward for the act of doing it and educating that these types of doors need this special key? Parasite Nerf - Have to agree with many, its a little too much. Think Wizard1200's idea isn't a bad one with increasing power on the turn punishing mass use over being a little patient, or limit to maybe making it a 2 use limit per turn. Oh and enjoying the game greatly, keep up the fab work all working over at Klei! ^^