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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Sinkhole

Issue Description: When a cave is generated through the sinkhole, it causes the 'cave to be carved' however it crashes the server, i believe the files become corrupt and makes the server useless once you attempt to enter the sinkhole.

It sticks to the loading screen and can no longer work after that, it would appear that the caves are not compatible with a server yet.

Steps to Reproduce: Multiplayer with another person.

dig up the rock to open sinkhole

Enter sinkhole

Loads the cave then leaves you on the 'loading.. screen' and then crashes

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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: sinkhole glitch

Issue Description: when my friend jumped in the sinkhole i was kicked out on the character select screen.

while he was in a loading screen i selected a character and soon after his game crashed while on my side it says disconnected though he was hosting so that makes sense.

now though my friend cannot get on the server that he made no longer than 5 minutes we started.

he is now making another server, and we are continuing to play.

Steps to Reproduce: made new server

got on

walked around for a minute

found each other

gathered stuff for 5 minutes

day 1 has past

i went to gather more flint and friend finds a sinkhole

he jumps in first

right after i get kicked onto the character select screen

his game crashes

i disconnect cos he was host

we now make new server/world

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Cave content is not added. Therefore, if you spawn a sinkhole, it will crash the game. Please don't console add sinkholes until cave content is added. Once that is so and it still crashes this way, new Bug Reports can be made. If sinkholes are somehow "naturally" found, please avoid them at this time until cave content is added.



Thanks for understanding this. 

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