[Gameplay] - repeats warning at "Friendly conversation"

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: repeats warning at "Friendly conversation"

Issue Description: At any "Friendly conversation" mission when your agent move enough further from stunned mole, Central warn you "Stop! we can loose connection permanently etc!"

If agent will stand still on that "border point" when you move another agents, doesn't matter how far are they, Central's "Stop!" will repeats again and again, at each tile or two of they movement.

Maybe It have sense, repeat warnings to some careless operator at start of another agency turn, but every tile? Agent on the "border" just can be without an action points at this moment.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.Stun the mole by one agent

2.Move that agent further enough to have warning and leave him/her at this point

3.Move some another agent at any distant place of the floor

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