Death in Bloom


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                         "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself''


How to apply:

Step 1: Fill out form. EX:

Name: Herbert Beischmidt

Age: 39

Nationality: German

Gender: Male

Backstory: Driven insane by the loss of his wife, he killed his son, and secluded himself from the outside world. Maxwell had promised him to bring his wife back at a cost. Ignoring the fact that  he should not to listen to shady men like him, he agreed. Thus, Maxwell trapped him in his demonic world, only to be able to see visions of his wife, making him even more insane.

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Screw it. im gonna give this stuff a final darn attempt.


Name: Derek




Nationality: british


Gender: Male


Backstory: Nobody knows why derek had survived all those accidents. collapses, fires, even an automibile crashed into him at high speed once. He was perfecty OK afterwards. many people say he made a deal of sorts. a deal with the devil. little did anyone know- He did.


One day, he was walking along the street when a band of thugs started attacking him, hoping to get some money. he was beaten, broken and dying when a voice spoke to him. it told him that he could survive the attack. he could live. as long as he did what the man told him. Derek accepted, and that was when he got to know what his purpose with this man was. he's been called. it's time. he got sent on a mission to collect as many souls as he could. and he was going to do it- in the world of don't starve.


Abillities: Certain times he may turn into his demonic, evil form. that side of him works for who he calls his "employer". the demon form is the form that can fight properly, as his human form is not the best fighter.


Weaknessess: His human form is basically a punching bag for anything that wantas to hurt him. he is weak in strength, stamina, stomach and mind. his abillity to be a danger to anything in his demon form makes him less social, and he stays away most of the time.


(Am i In?)

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