[Gameplay] - Two turns overwatch issue with guards and Deckard's cloak.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Two turns overwatch issue with guards and Deckard's cloak.
Issue Description: Well, Deckard turn ended with cloak turned on, K&O guards (two regular and one heavy: armor 2, KO-1) whom I hopes to be lured in hacked turrets trap by freshly shot drone(plan fails, only one guy with peripheral boost was distracted) comes in and detect Brian. (I'm sure that at my previous games they'll never detect him on they turn, only at start of agency turn, when he lost cloack effect).
At first I think that heavy guard could have decloack ability non mentioned in pop-up accidently (as I remember, peripheral guys has it at previous builds, looks like it removed now?)
Deckard was not moved on agency turn. At next corp turn instead of shooting him guards goes in overwatch 2nd time
Steps to Reproduce: INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccess_Sept16.112576 USER '101049373@steam'
OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1
GAME 3.2.initial_escape.ko_ceooffice.673075264


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