Freezy Food Suggestions by Symage and Jim


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So @Jim and I thought about these ideas for a while and we wanted to share them with you guys! We're sorry if something like thas has been already suggested before. This suggestion adds more uses for the Endorthemic Fire(Pit) because we thought that it's pretty useless besides cooling you down.


But let's get to the point:

So what if you could freeze food over Endorthemic Fire like you cook food over normal fire? This means that the Endorthemic Fire is able to set the spoiling progress back and make your food last longer. The food can  now cool you down if you eat it and it lasts even longer in the freezer! But don't be too hasty or else you will get a little shock by eating something too cold or get a little toothache by biting into something too hard! The food will get back to normal after you walk around in the sun for a while. You can also freeze the Ham bat which makes it a bit more effective against enemies like Fire Hounds and the Dragonfly, but it also has a 6% chance to break while it's cool.


What do you guys think about it?

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