Blind Guard Captain...

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Em...Don't very sure how this happend...seems to be caused by a small bug...

But it was pretty funny~A guard captain who is not good at his job~His boss should have cut down his wages~or a depromotion~LOL~


It was a Detention level, I was dragging another body and standing on the KOed guard Captain for several rounds. After my agents left, other alerted guard stepped on his body for few times before he could wake up. So it's about 10 rounds or so before he's on his foot again.


When he was getting back on his legs (no one was near him), the animation got a little buggy. He seems to got KOed again by himself !!?? But instead of lie down, he suddenly stand up again.


Guard Captain usually stays on stationary, and so is this. I intentionally passing by on the noticed area to let him move or turn his sight in order to let my agents get to the elevator. But that's when I find he is not moving and not going into investigation...So I stand right in front of him but he still won't move a bit and of course not going to alert or overwatch...


I remember this happened a lot on drones...sometimes agents or guards stand on the drone's body when it's rebooting for couple of rounds. But instead of getting finally reboot, it got hacked by himself and back on my control again...


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Hilariously, I've actually had this happen, but not with the Guard Captain. I got so confused when the executive got up after having his brain hacked, only to fall over and then spring right back up AGAIN.


Then he just kinda stood around, being comatose and stuff. This is a really hilarious glitch, to be honest, but downright weird.

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