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  1. This. But, like I mentioned in the other thread, they appear to be watching for ANY actions in their sight cones after going into overwatch. Not always, because Deckard was blown away directly after being seen, but frequently, that seems to be the case. And that manual camera option made playing on a tablet even better. No more runaway cam when I move my stylus off the screen at the edge. Keep it up, guys. This game is just getting better and better.
  2. Okay, so I think I may have figured out one of the causes of the bug. I've noticed that they tend to get jumpy and shooty when OTHER guards freak out and run into LoS of the overwatch guard. It seems to me that the guards are looking for ANY actions in their sight cone at ANY given time, rather than focusing on the agent they activated on and waiting for their turn. It's happened to me about six times with that being the only similarity. Hope that helps you guys solve the bug. It's really annoying. Like, REALLY annoying. Oh, and because l've wanted to say this for awhile: thanks for making the game so tablet-friendly. Only thing it'd need to be completely touch-compatible is a button for the ESC menu somewhere. Otherwise, it runs pretty spectacularly on a Surface Pro 2.