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First bit of substantial playtime finally (some feedback and suggestions)

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So I couldn't find any non password protected servers so I decided to host a server and see if anyone would join, didn't have high hopes but after a couple minutes someone joined and then a bit later there was actually 3 other people on the server. Had a good bit of playtime so finally can give some feedback.


It was definitely a lot of fun. Just talking with players and co-operating is a lot of fun. Monsters having more health to offset the fact that there are multiple players is definitely something I agree with. The one thing that has bothered me a bit is the fact that you can't get your health back after you've died and been revived. The first time it goes down it's not that noticeable but after that it's a bit too much considering you can't get it back at all ever. Since monsters seem to do more damage it kinda just makes you useless even with armor on since you still can't take that many hits especially against multiple creatures. 


The ghost mechanic is definitely interesting to say the least. The few interesting things you can do with it are definitely cool. Like turning pigs into werepigs, chopping, burning, "treeguarding" trees and all that. One slight idea I have for it is to maybe have a way of controlling it just a bit more. Like by being able to somehow choose how to affect at least some things instead of it being pre-determined or random chance. Like maybe haunting food to make either fill a higher amount of hunger or health or maybe making it spoil a bit every time you haunt it.


Or haunting a creature to reduce it's damage output for a certain period of time or haunting players to give them the affect of a log suit for 30 seconds or to speed them up or something like that, a way for even dead players to be useful in combat without making them OP since they are dead after all. Maybe tie it to which character it is. Willow's ghost can make a character glow at night, WX gives defense, whatevs, I'll just stop there with that.


But overall I found it lots of fun, haven't actually killed or gotten killed by any other players right now so I don't have anything to provide when it comes to the PvP side of things. But I'm very excited to see where this gets taken and definitely excited to get some more playtime in there. 



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