[General] - Duplicate chester icons on mini-map


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Duplicate chester icons on mini-map

Issue Description: Twice, when a character in the party had the eye bone and chester was actively following them/us, I noticed a second chester icon at a static location nearby on the mini map. When arriving at the location, the icon dissappears from the mini map, and of course there is not a second chester nor an eye bone. This occurred a second time, again so time after we found the actual eye bone and chester was actively following us, and two chester icons, so close that the icons overlap, appeared on the mini map. We did not investigate. Screenshot attached is of the second occurrence.

Steps to Reproduce: Have eye bone and chester actively following. Run around a bit! (May take up to an in-game day, we're not sure when the icons appeared)

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