[Gameplay] - Bees stopped moving after catching one


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Bees stopped moving after catching one

Issue Description: Some bees that were flying around suddenly stopped moving entirely after I caught one of them. They still produced the buzzing sound desipte not buzzing of activity anymore... All the bees that froze were on screen or slightly offscreen. Only managed to get this glitch once so far. There also weren't any other players near me at the time of the glitch.

Steps to Reproduce: - Catch a bee with a bug net (maybe at a range where the killerbees don't spawn from the hive to attack you)

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I've had this happen too. I was the host. Using a bug net, I caught a yellow bee. There was a second bee on the screen at the time, and it froze in mid-air, but the buzzing sound was still audible. I watched it for a long while, but it was well and truly stuck mid-flight.


Eventually, I walked up to it and nudged it. That unfroze it...and the ungrateful so-and-so then had the gall to sting me!  :livid:



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