[Gameplay] - Data blast doesn't affect mainframes behind "fog of war"

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Data blast doesn't affect mainframes behind "fog of war"
Issue Description: Maybe it isn't a bug at all, but it is how it works now.

Peek an room by last AP, safe with 2 tier mainframe detected. Blast it without entering in that room (turn was used to run nearby console), then come for money... Bloody hell! There's another safe! and no damn power, meet another two emergency drip turns >_<
with blunt rapier, emergency drip and data blast situation seem little unfair
since it "guarded" treat level, alarm 2, and there doesn't finded any mainframes harder than 2 on the level, I'm almost sure it wasn't mainframe 4 (seed: GAME 1.2.initial_escape.ko_terminals.3494617241)

btw, Rapier+EmergencyDrip cool starting build for Deckard+International, really like it!
Steps to Reproduce: Blast an room where you think can be an mainframe, then enter that room, mainframe completely virgin =/

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