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Sharing my gameplay videos

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Zoik    10

Hi guys, just sharing my gameplay videos. The first two chapter might be too dark but the later ones will be lighter. I hope you guys like it. :)

Here's a sample.

Edit: Just a few thing that might be unique from other walk-through/play-through:

The chapters are completed in one run with no restarts. Think of it as hardcore mode where if you mess up, you have to start at the very beginning of the chapter, just like classic games where you don't rely on saves or checkpoints. You guys should try it. It's pretty fun.

The chapters are played fresh from the start without everything unlocked. Using a cardboard box, ravenous insects, and parachute cloth right in the very first chapter and calling it a walk-through would be stupid.

Only bamboo kunai will be used unless the chapter requires other items. For example, smoke bomb to pass the lasers, and spike mine to get one of the seals (terrify a guard by killing another one with spike mine).

Only the default "Path of the Ninja" will be used. No perks will be taken advantage of from other "paths" like silent running , auto-successful stealth kill, and easily to terrify guards. Path of the Mark" will only be used on the chapter that you are forced to use it.

I may add future videos showcasing other "paths". The first one will most likely using "Path of the Mark" to speed run the whole New Game Plus.

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Added more details about the videos.

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